The Missed Fortune Book Series

- By Doug Andrew

Missed Fortune

If you’re planning for retirement in all the traditional ways—401(k)s, IRAs, stocks and more—you’re likely missing out on wealth that could provide for an abundant life now, during retirement, and as a legacy you can pass on to your heirs. Find your better future in this comprehensive book that provides case studies, illustrations and more, leading you through complex strategies explained in ways that everyone can understand. Whether you’re a financial planning expert or a novice, this is the book for those who are ready to claim an abundant life. (If you’re interested in these principles presented in more general terms, you’ll want to order Missed Fortune 101.)

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Missed Fortune 101

Interested in financial independence? Looking to plan for a retirement that will last longer than you do? Hoping to generate lasting wealth that you can pass along to your children and grandchildren? Discover why the beaten path is not necessarily the best path. Learn new strategies that can change everything. Plan for your brighter future with this simplified offering of the same wealth enhancement principles found in Missed Fortune. However, don’t think simplified means condensed, because you’ll find everything you need to achieve an abundant future within Missed Fortune 101’s pages.

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Last Chance Millionaire

If you’re approaching retirement (or are already at retirement), you may think it’s too late to adopt better financial strategies. But think again. With proper restructuring, you don’t have to find yourself “stuck” with traditional plans like 401(k)s and IRAs—tired strategies that could leave you outliving your money. Seize the opportunity to live an abundant life during retirement—and pass that abundance on to your posterity in ways that will empower them to thrive financially, intellectually, and foundationally. Don’t put off your prosperity. Get Last Chance Millionaire, and get the information you need to Live Abundant.

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Millionaire By Thirty

Why follow the crowd? Forget the herd mentality of what they taught in Finance 101. Leave behind the 401(k) and IRA rhetoric and start creating your own wealth. This book, co-authored by Doug Andrew and his sons, Emron and Aaron (both in their mid-20s), maps your path to becoming a millionaire by the time you’re 30. Yes, 30. Find out now how you can apply proven principles in real estate, budgeting, avoiding unnecessary taxes and using life insurance to create tax-free income to live the life so many Americans dream of—but that you’ll actually create!

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