About Doug Andrew

As a financial strategist, Doug empowers Americans to pursue strategies that provide the liquidity, safety, rate of return and tax advantages they deserve As an abundant living coach, Doug teaches individuals and families how to achieve greater prosperity in all Three Dimensions of Authentic Wealth—financial, foundational, and intellectual.

About Doug Andrew

It all began shortly after Doug’s personal financial setback in 1978. It was then that developed a deep passion for creating a unique and powerful financial philosophy that has dramatically elevated the lives of thousands of clients.

As a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist, Doug teaches how to achieve greater liquidity, safety, and rate of return on serious cash, money that is earmarked for retirement. He teaches that having access to your money when you need it is essential to creating a more secure financial future. He also contends that avoiding loss of financial principal due to market volatility is absolutely necessary. In addition to liquidity and safety of principal, Doug maintains that it is vital to potentially earn conservative rates of return and at the same time have risk minimized due to market volatility.

The lessons learned by Doug Andrew have been thoroughly documented in his Missed Fortune book series. His original book, Missed Fortune, was followed by

Missed Fortune 101 (business best-seller), The Last Chance Millionaire (New York Times best-seller and Wall Street Journal #1), and Millionaire by Thirty (written with his two sons Emron and Aaron).

You can learn more about Doug Andrew by going to www.DougAndrew.com.